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How do I contact

You can contact us by emailing us on email address: [email protected].

Alternatively, you can leave a message to us below this page in the comment section.

Please be aware that this website is NOT We are an independent Help Website with help and guides for popular Gift Cards.

Disclaimer. is not owned by or affiliated with To contact us at, please leave a comment or email us on [email protected].

We cannot help you with activating personal gift cards or problems with declined cards. You will need to contact the company that issued the relevant card by calling the phone number at the back of your card.


How do I contact

If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service team by phone. To call Customer Service, dial 1-888-853-9536 (Toll-free US phone number).

Have your card ready when call phone Customer Service, to provide the card’s 16-digit number. You may also have to provide the card’s 3-digit security number.

If your Prepaid Visa Card/Mastercard is about to expire, or has already expired, contact Cardholder Services at 1-888-853-9536 to ask for a replacement card with a new expiration date.


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  1. Forget trying to call to know my remaining balance I type in my card number then it tells me to but in my 3 PIN code on “back of the card” which is 004 btw and it says sorry our records for this card don’t match the code.. ok because I’m not sitting here putting in the correct number.

    1. Your PIN code is a 4 digit number, which came with the card purchase. It is different from the 3-digit CVV security code, which is indeed found at the back of the card.

  2. These cards are bad, do not waste your time with them. I got a $50 visa gift card for my birthday last year and I never tried to activate it until now. Their website is unintuitive and won’t help you with your problem at all. The customer service always sucks and won’t actually answer your questions. They locked my card for 24 hours because apparently I “tried to unlock the card too many times” when the website did not tell me so. Waste of money and your time, you’d rather just have this money in cash

  3. These cards are a scam. Literally hundreds of people on multiple platforms report they buy these cards and then the company deactiviates them for “possible fraud.” To reactivate, they want all kinds of personal information. Without sending it, you just lose out. This card was a gift – I don’t have the receipt and I am not going to ask the giver for the receipt. I am also NOT going to provide a copy of my government-issue photo ID. Buy actual VISA gift cards from reputable retailers – NOT these. It’s money down the drain for the giver.

    1. There are issues with fraud on many prepaid gift cards brands, primarily in-store fraud with scammers emptying cards before they are sold. It is relatively rare though, but it does happen. The company recommends checking if gift cards have been tampered with before buying, and also recommends immediately registering the card with an address on the Prepaidgiftbalance website.

    2. I agree Kimberly the same thing is happening to me right now. I am dealing with Walgreens regarding this issue right now. I will contact Walgreens corporate office and I will escalate this issue if I have to.

  4. Good day, a friend purchase a prepaid gift card to be and I tried using it but not going through, but I checked my balance but the money was there but I can’t use it. I need help please.

  5. I need to have another Visa card issued to me. I was trying to get the sticky glue off and the card number came off. I only remember some of the card number. Can someone please get in touch with me by phone or email. I tried contacting your company other ways , need a card number. I received the card as a gift.

  6. hello this is maribel and i would like to ask why i can only have one transaction on my gift card ?! this is not fun at all 🙁 so pls respond

  7. This is the worst card ever can’t get any help and the cvv code keeps says doesn’t match record. How do I fix this.

  8. DO NOT GET THIS CARDS EVER I GOT 8 Of them all was empty and the money was stolen !! Going to file a fraud complain with the police

  9. This is a total scam. The website registration doesn’t work. Calling the phone number doesn’t work. Using the “automated system” doesn’t work. Now I have a fax number to send my driver license and other information to and then call back in 3 days for follow up on whether or not the fax was received? What is this 1984 that a fax machine is the method of data transmission? You just stole money from the purchase of this card and clearly have zero intention to release a single penny of it.


  11. Website keeps telling me to set a 4 digit pin by calling the number on the back of the card, I do that, and it says updated, however on the website the banner that says call is still there. I cannot use my funds for online purchases because it will not let me register. Simply a horrible service.

  12. Got $100. Gift card for birthday. Went to use it. Tried 4 times finally $23.08
    Went through. My whole purchase was only $67.70. I had to use another card for my purchase. This card is crap. My balance keeps saying zero.
    I want this fixed.

  13. ot a card for Christmas as a gift, went to register and the website wouldn’t load. Called twice and got the run around, told me my card somehow became compromised and that I need to register for a new one. Though they can’t help me over the phone and the only way to do that is to register on a website that won’t load. Ugh

  14. I purchased 4 cards at Kroger’s for gifts – two $100 Mastercards and tow $25 Mastercards. The persons I gave the cards to was unable to use any of the cards, so now I am out $500 unless I can get these cards to work as I had to give them cash. Looking at the comments, this whole thing is a rip off. I send information into the website to try to resolve this and no response. Shame on you!!!

  15. Tried to use a card today. Wouldn’t work. Tried to go online and see what the deal was. 16 digit card number, select pictures, 3 digit code. Same 3 pages over and over again. I tried to call them to see what was going on. 1st person said to refresh the page and try again. It did. Again and again. She hung up on me. 2nd person told me the same thing. Refresh the page and try again. It would not work. Ok, we can register over the phone. We can do that??? Thank you!!! I transferred me to the dept. I waited while the phone rang. The person picked up and asked for the card number. Realizing he already talked to me, he said I must have put in the wrong number and called him back. Uhhhh noooo…. You didn’t hit the transfer button and it went back to you. I got off the phone. I tried another computer. 2 phones. All the same deal. THEN…. I tried so many times, it locked my card. I called back. 4th person was adamant. Fresh the page and I guarantee you it will work. Uhhh no sir… everyone of you has told me the same thing. I’ve tried that. Many times. So many times, in fact, that it locked my card. Well try it again and if it doesn’t work just give us a call back. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO HANG UP ON ME RIGHT NOW??? 5th person. Same deal. Fresh the page. Young lady, my card is locked. That does no good. Then I get the info. Because my card is locked I need the original receipt, a copy of my drivers license front and back, gift card front and back, some other ID number, and PROOF OF OWNERSHIP written in, and I quote “200% font so it doesn’t get missed”. You get all that together and fax it in. Then maybe call back in a few days to see if we got it. THEN we might mail you a new card. This is an absolute scam. All of them tell you to keep refreshing the page. Well, the more times you do that it ends up locking the card then you have to jump through hoops to get another one. It’s Mastercard or Amex from now on.

  16. There has been fraudulent activity on my card and I cannot get a hold of anybody. Somebody please call or email me to fix this.

  17. This company and all of its affiliates should be called out for the fraud that they are and KROGER along with other grocery store chains should drop their ass like a hot potato. It is just ludicrous the same exact dilemma is being intimated by not just one but several people!!! When are the powers that be within this company going to realize they have a sea of red flags. Word of mouth travels far. Complaints on the internet and the media travels even faster . If you plan to purchase a gift card and turn it over and it says prepaid balance put it back on the peg and get a better reloadable card associated with a good bank. Customer service is lacking and a bunch of non empathetic scripted robots without supervisors that don’t know what to do with an escalated call nor document in comments what transpired with each customer that requests one for resolution of their problems.


  19. NEVER BUY THIS CARD; it is a scam
    You can only use with a pin no which must be obtained by their disconnected phone number


  21. I received a few of these gift cards from my job. Come to find out they have been used by someone else other than me in a different state. HACKED please be careful when using these cards. Aurora organic dairy was the company that offered these cards to employees who came in for unscheduled overtime as an incentive to help out understaffed shifts.

  22. I purchased this card for a $200.00 for wedding gift. How embarrassing it was when I learned it was not valid and there was nothing anyone could do for me to get my money back. I was told ” I guess it was a scam or fraud there is no way to get your money back.” I will never again use this company! Someone scammed my $200.00

  23. Activated the card online $50 card showed it has $50.00 with an expiration date 6/29 tried to make a purchase on Amazon $43.23 and they declined the $36.02 of the order. The order was split by amazon. The information on the penind card page said gas stations and restaurants where a tip my be left there could be a delay in the posting. Amazon bills the amount to the penny. No reason it should have declined. It’s embarrassing when you think you have a delivery about to be made and you check the status to find the purchase was declined. The card service need to be programed better to recognize merchants vs Gas stations and restaurants.

  24. Every time I call my card or go online put in the information he keeps telling me that the security code on the back is not right but it is

  25. As stated several times by others, this process is horrible. The website to log in and activate your card for online purchases only gives an error message. I called the number on the back of the card to activate it and it still won’t work. What a waste of time. Do yourself/friends/family a favor and do not purchase these Visa cards

  26. Why the website won’t let me log on to check my balance this card is terrible can’t buy nothing can’t add it to cash app to you just horrible

  27. i have a visa $100 card; registered, balance confirmed $100 .
    tried to buy something on line and it gets declined.
    Why does this get declined?

  28. I need to email or mail a letter of fraud, as I activated my card but it was stolen and used in a northern CA city, when I live in Los Angeles.

  29. I tried registering my prepaid mastercard to no avail. i went into your prepaid gift balance .com website to register just like it says to do and I couldn’t find any where on the website to register the card. Please help.

  30. I will never purchase your card again and will also tell my friends. No way to change balance or see your statement

  31. I have been trying to register my $100 gift card and have not been able to after multiple tries. I can’t use it out either because they say the card is being rejected. This is extremely frustrating when you are doing everything it’s saying to do and still cannot use the card. I have missed out on several online purchases because I have to register my card first and have not been able to. What is the purpose of receiving these cards if you cant use them. This needs fixed ASAP. Frustrated customer!!

  32. I loaded 90.00 on my card not knowing that it wasn’t a reloadable card but it shows is ok there e though. Why can’t I just send the money I just put on the card.back to my.cashap

  33. I’ve been trying for 5 days to use my visa gift card, it keeps saying error. I have called multiple times and was ASSURED that my cards are now unlocked. This is crap. I want a new card issued to me ASAP. I have money on these 2 cards that you have STOLEN from my 13 yr old son

  34. I am trying to use my gift cards and they are being declined. I have a lot of money on these gift cards. Please help. I’ve called all the numbers and can’t get an actual person to talk to

  35. I have a $50 VISA gift card that does not work. I spoke to someone about 8 weeks ago and I was told that a replacement was being sent. I have not received a replacement card and today when I called to speak with someone, the balance on the cardis $5.64. I have not used the card

  36. The worst. Card won’t activate online. Customer service number says “heavy call volume” and hangs up on you. Unable to register card. I will stick to Giftcardmall cards from now on. This is a mess.

  37. I paid for a hundred dollar gift card for a online transaction I go activate the card and they say it did not activate in store I return to store they run it again I whate 24 hours I go to use it and it said transaction declined .

  38. Addendum: I was able to register my card by calling the Customer Service Number and providing the information and receiving a text to walk through the registration. I’m hoping that when I use the card, it will be accepted.

  39. I have two cards, one card that I last time used still have balance $61.01, the other card had balance $26.97. Today, after I entered and card number, it said no card number fund. I have kept first card balance record. Absolute there was an issue for that.

  40. how can I combine the balances from 3 gift cards into one card? I do not find this option anywhere in your 888 recording or on-line.
    Thank you

  41. I activated my card my balance was 200.00 I went to use it on gas and it cut me off at 49.50 and said I reached my limit and my balance is saying 0.00. I cannot login online or speak to anyone to find out what is going on I am nor about to lose 150.50 this is stilling if this is how this prepaid visa is going to do customs cannot even talk to someone to get help with problems and the website is down!

  42. You don’t even have a customer service number to be able to talk to an actual person it’s all automated. I can’t get my card to register and have tried for 3 days now this is ridiculous!!!

  43. The $100 card I purchased cannot be activated.
    They said there would be a $5.95 charge for replacement that they are “kind enough to waive”.
    Replacement card will be here in 7-10 days.
    Representative said this is common…

    Will not purchase one of these again.

  44. Went to use this card after registering it and couldn’t buy a thing not valid way to rip people off. Never again. People losing hard earned money to give a gift for someone and embarrass them.

  45. I FEEL there is a scam going on here! I will report it if I do not get some attention AND some help on how to redeem this card.

  46. I purchased a gift card awhile ago and just found it in my car console. I wanted to see if there was a balance, if not, it would be thrown away. I just had a circular conversation about me just finding this card and why I cannot confirm the original balance nor can I tell you the last transaction I made with it…. the verification process is hard. So if someone ever stores away their card and try yo use it at a later time, they must keep the receipt or write down the last transaction they made on it. Needless to say, I’ll never purchase another card from this company. It would be a hassle for the person who I gift it to.

  47. I have tried to no avail to contact a live person to fix the problem with the card. I tried purchasing my dog license renewal it got refused by your bank why is that?

  48. “HELP” Your web site “Contact Us” has me locked out. It shows a triangle with an explanation sign (!) in the center. I am told to call 888-853-9536. Which I did and it was a waste of time. There is no one to talk to to correct the web sight, by deleting the message shown on my computer so I can get a balance and my transactions on line.

  49. Your balance web site has blocked my card balance and perhaps blocked the card. When I call 888-853-9536 as I am told to do they want my card number, I have a flip phone that has NO AWAY to do it SO they hang up on me. Lesson learned: do not buy a card offered by Prepaid.

  50. Screw this company. I bought a several hundred dollar gift card and there was only one number on the back for the CVC code! I was unable to pay a bill online. May incur a late fee now. They could not help me. Best they could do is replace the card in 7-10 days!! No refund available. No one to talk to over there “supervisor.” I need it before the 5th of the month. They sold me a defective card.

  51. I am having g the same problems as everyone else. I am going to get a lawyer involved, they are running a scan and using Kroger to do it.

    1. Did you ever resolve your issue? This is such a scam. I’ve had my GF for 3 months, new I opened it & they won’t release funds brocade they said it’s registered to someone else. I think lawyers should get involved. It’s only a $50 GF but it’s the principle not the value

  52. You got my money and will not release the funds and act like you don’t no how to put the money back on my card unacceptable business and I feel bad but I am going to report you to anyone who will listen your I am sorry line your reading off a script but your staff has that line memorized every comment is the same shame shame shame on you

  53. I put my card in a gas thang and it did not put the gas and it took all my money and I did not get no gas

  54. no where can I register my visa gift card. I logged on to see my balance. when I wanted to buy something online….. my card was not registered….. : (

  55. Why is the card not logging in? I got one as a gift and it won’t work. Computer folks cannot even figure it out! What the hell is wrong with Mastercard? I see numerous complaints and, yet, this is not repaired. STUUUUPIIIID!

  56. It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “Pold” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


  57. llamen al numero 8888539536 (que viene detras de la targeta) despues les manda un link y sin colgar entran y se registran su nombre y codigo postal

  58. I just got a gift card for christmas Do I have to do anything before going shopping or can I just go. I never go one like this before and I do’t know what to do. It is a Visa gift card. I am use to just going to the store and shopping I have never had to register the card. Someone bought it for me.

  59. Please I need assistance with a card I’m getting frustrated need my money for life and her work can o get a reply some ones assistance

  60. Ok..i can see my balance but where do I go to activate the card for online purchases??? This is ridiculous.!! What an outrage.

  61. You CANNOT register your card to make online purchases. Mastercard must be charged a fee with online purchases?!!! This should be a piece of cake!

  62. I can see my complaint will go no where, after reading previous comments regarding your cards,you should be ashamed of yourself but your not because you hide iin your little safe space,my complaint is I foolishly purchased your card for my granddaughter, who works very hard for her money and Ive attempted to activate this worthless piece of plastic for 2 days now,shame on you for breaking het heart,

  63. Wow what rip off I gave them 160.00 and got 10.00 of gas and they put a 3 day hold on 100.00 I hung the gas pump 2 hours ago now I am screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyers beware!!! I called and they would not release my 100.00 bucks the Girl Scout s have big advantage on these crooks in that they have adult supervision… 3 days really I need a job like that put stuff for 3 days??????!!!!!!!!

    1. It wasn’t them. It is the gas pump. Always pay inside with a gift card. If you pay at the pump, it puts a $75-150 hold for each use.

  64. Message
    My message is an exact copy of Robert H. Duncan dated September 11, 2019.
    Now I’m afraid that this message will never get answered b

  65.’s login process is terrible. The first time I entered your system to verify the balance for the first time was successful. Since then I am unable to login to check my balance. Since then I have been unable to login to check the balance on the initial card. I have 2 additional cards which I am also unable to login to verify. Your instructions on your websight do not match the login box. I created a password the first time I went in. Your login box doesn’t even provide for a password to be used for return clients. On your websight is a picture of what you say your “Log in to your card account” box looks like which is incorrect.I have searched for a login box which matches what you show but it does not exist. Your login box for the “Returning Visitor” just asks for the 3 digit code from the back of the card. There is no where to enter the password which I created the first time I was in. Then when I type in the captcha code and hit validate it says I entered it incorrectly. Having tried it a dozen times, I hjave entered it correctly. Please help….. Today!!

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