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FAQ – Prepaidgiftbalance.com.

We have added an updated list of frequently asked questions, with answers, below. Prepaidgiftbalance.com is a popular site, but their help section is below bar. On this page, we will try to answer the most common questions. And provide solutions to your problems. If you have have a question, then please ask it in the comment section.

Question: How do I sign in/login to check my account balance at Prepaidgiftbalance.com?

Answer: To login and check your prepaid account balance, visit www.prepaidgiftbalance.com, or read our login tutorial on the Prepaidgiftbalance.com help page.

Question: Is www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com legit or a scam?

Answer: No. Prepaidgiftbalance.com is certainly not a scam. Its is a well established company owned by U.S Bank National Association. However, a number of customers complain from being unable to log in to their accounts. Also, be aware that Prepaidgiftbalance.com is run for profit, so there will be fees associated with your account, such as fees for replacement cards. A Prepaidgiftbalance Prepaid Visa Card also has an expiry date.

Question: How do I contact Prepaidgiftbalance.com’s Customer Service Department?

Answer: The phone number for the Prepaidgiftbalance Customer Service is 888.853.9536. See all the contact phone numbers, and mail address, on the Prepaidgiftbalance Customer Service help page.

Question: Do Prepaidgiftbalance Visa and Mastercard cards expire?

Answer: Yes, the cards expire on the last day of the month and year show on the front of the card.If you have an unspent balance, you can request a replacement card.

Question: Can I use the Prepaigiftbalance cards online?

Answer: Yes, but most websites require you to register the card first with a valid address and name. You can register and activate the card for online use at www.prepaidgiftbalance.com.

Question: Can I use the cards abroad?

Answer: No, you can only use the Prepaidgiftbalance cards in the US.

Question: Can I reload the card?

Answer: No, you cannot reload the cards. Once you have spent the value of the card, it can no longer be used.

Question: Are tips included in a service purchase?

Answer: No, tips are not included, so when you are using your card at businesses like restaurants and salons, an additional 20% will be added temporarily on top of the total amount that you are charged. It is important  that your balance is large enough for the additional 20%. If it is not, the transaction will be declined. The extra tips amount will not be available for other purchases for 10 days or until the service transaction settles for the  complete amount.

Question: Can I use the Prepaidbalance card for hotel bills and car rentals?

Answer: Yes, you can use the gift card card for hotels and car rentals, however the bill will typically include an extra 15% ‘hold’ of the total amount until you settle your bill.

Question: Is www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com not working or down?

If the www.prepaidgiftbalance.com website is not loading, then try at a later, less busy time. Also, be aware that the website is blocked for users when they are abroad. Make sure that you enter www.prepaidgiftbalance.com in your browser and not the prepaidgiftbalance.com version (without WWW). Lastly make sure that you do not misspell www.prepaidgiftbalance.com. Common misspellings are: www.prepaidgiftbalance.con, www.prepaidgiftcardbalance.con, www.prepaidgiftcardbalance.com and www.prepaidcardbalance.com.



28 thoughts on “www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Balance Check – Activation – Login – FAQ

  1. WILL ABSOLUTELY NEVER get this card again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of the scam adds that request your number to “log you in then sign you up for their “free deals” instead of registering your card. What’s going on?!!? This cannot be legal!!
    Get your act together and create a decent, managable, and legal service!
    Would use visa vanilla in a heartbeat compared to this useless trash. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

  2. Your site won’t let me finish putting in the card number. I get to the thirteenth number and the will not take the last three numbers for logging in . If you have a fix for this please let me know thank you.

  3. I called your 1-888 number for unauthorized purchases on my card in the amount of $229.87 on a $500.00 gift card. I uploaded my document to dispute the charges, but now I cannot log in to see what is happening. You have put a hold on the gift card which still had $270.13 left on it. Am I out the $500.00 or can I get a new card issued in the $270.13 unit the dispute is processed? This may not seem like a lot of money to you – but it is to me. Please Help

  4. As of late, I have attempted to “register” four Visa Gift cards….I believe it is a sham!!!! The customer service phone number is useless, and when you are required to go online to register, I have received nothing but a runaround. I WOULD NEVER BUY A VISA GIFT CARD FOR ANYONE!!!!!

  5. I activated AND registered my card on the phone so i could use it online.i even made a pin but when i went to use it online it didnt work. Is there a time delay between registration and being able to use it?

  6. How can I activate my card to use online. I do most of my purchases online!
    This is terrible service!!!!!! The website www prepaidgiftbalance.com does not work – it is posted everywhere on the card and the documentation and when you call.

  7. I can’t believe the same comments date all the way back to 2019 regarding the difficulty being able to register your card and check your balance!! This is ridiculous!!

  8. You can never get to speak with a Customer Service Rep. They have no live phone contact. This is scary and appears to be a deliberate attempt to hold on to your money. Max number of days US Bank is allowed to hold on to pre-approved purchase is 5 days. And yet the bank does hold on to funds several days after the merchant has released pre-approved funds. Terrible. I am going to make the FTC aware of this illegal practice

  9. I got a gift card for my retirement in Aug 2022 and I went to activate it and they say its not registered to me and is zero balance.

  10. I am unable to register a card. When I’m calling the number on the back all I got is a busy signal. Entirely frustrated

  11. Why can’t I use my this card online? PayPal won’t even allow it. Etsy has been the only website I can use it. What is the problem with this card?

  12. I have several Visa Gift cards. What is a phone number for customer service? Tried to log in to register and as usual have problem.

  13. I am trying to verify my gift card and callled the 888 # with: ” we cannot give you any information without the name on the gift/receipt.” It WAS GIFT TO ME – IT IS A DEBIT CARD AND GIVEN TO ME AT CHRISTMAs WITH OTHER CARDS. I cannot remember who gave it to me! I wish to know my balance!!!!

  14. Same here. Cannot activate online. There is no link.
    Feel bad for my cousin that gifted the card to my son.
    M$$$$ wasted here.

  15. I have been trying to obtain my balance and the website will not allow me to do so. I know this is a great way for you to your company to make money but it is illegal!! I have tried to call and have been hung up on. Please do the right thing and respond to my query. Thank you

  16. I have been a US Bank Customer for 15 years. I needed to get a quick solution to a bill I had to pay, so I put $200.00 on this card. I used it the first night for a salad and then tried to pay my bill and was told “invalid Merchant”. I called and customer service said it would take an hour or so for the registration to show on my card. The next day I tried 3 times! This is with Capital One!!! The message was the same, Invalid Merchant. I tried calling 20 times today to no avail and said phone traffic was heavy and they couldn’t take my call. Finally at 6 pm, I got someone who said the site was down for maintance and that he couldn’t give me any information about this situation and to call back in the morning. I also called US BANK fraud division who transfered me to gift card services and was told that they DO not issue or service this card. I told her on the back it says, Issued by US BANK National Association. She said to call in the morning to corporate and complain because this was not one of our cards. I swear to God if I don’t get satisfaction on this issue I will take you to court and make my reviews go viral. I better here something back and soon. I am also going to US BANK Corporate in the morning because I can’t believe they are truly associated with you.

  17. I can not login to register a $50 gift card. Called the number on the back of the card and was informed that there were 200 people ahead of me if I remained on hold.
    I will continue to call until I can get the card registered and not purchase another gift card at Krogers.

  18. I am having trouble activating my visa card, I can’t seam to find the right thing to click on to let me activate it. I am verry frustratyed with the procedure. I thought I was buying a prepaid visa card to use for on line purchases.

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