www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login, Balance Check and Activation


Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login and Balance Check: Check your Kroger Gift card balance, login to your account, and register and activate your prepaid gift card.

The US Bank National Association is the official issuer of the Prepaidgiftbalance card, and pretty much anybody in the US can get a prepaid gift card, after applying, or by purchasing it in a retailer like Kroger. In the US, you can use this gift card, wherever Visa and Mastercards are accepted. Prepaid gift card owners can check their gift card balance by visiting the login portal, which is at www.prepaidgiftbalance.com.

www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login.

This is how you login to the Prepaidgiftbalance to check your balance and register your card:

  1. First, visit the official site of PrepaidGiftbalance in your browser on your PC or mobile phone. – www.prepaidgiftbalance.com.
  2. On the right hand side of the website, you will see a login window.
  3. Fill in your 16-digit card number in the required box inside the “Enter your 16-digit card number” field. Please, enter the number without spaces.
  4. Click on ‘Continue’, and follow the prompts. If this is your first time on the website, you will have the option to register your card.
  5. You will now be able to enter your Prepaidbalance account and check your balance anytime by visiting Prepaidgiftbalance.com and typing in your card number, and PIN code, if prompted. Your unique 4-digit PIN code can be found in the package from your card purchase.

After you log in, you will also be able to see your purchase history, your outstanding balance, and more.

prepaidgiftbalance login
Make sure you are at either the https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.com or https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.com/login URL before attempting to log in . Be patient. The page sometimes takes a few seconds to load.

The www.prepaidgiftbalance.com site encourages you to monitor how much of a Prepaid Gift Card balance, you have left on your card. Always make sure that you have a large enough balance to cover a purchase or a restaurant bill, including a 20 percent tip.

With a Prepaidgiftbalance Prepaid Gift Card, you can buy products and services in the US only. In the event that you are abroad, the transaction will be declined. There are no extra charges for using the card, but please keep in mind that Prepaidgiftbalance cards all have an expiry date, shown on the front of the card.

I cannot Log In to Prepaidgiftbalance.com – What is the problem?

In the event that you cannot log in or that the www.prepaidgiftbalance.com website will not open, please see the complete troubleshooting guide at our main Prepaidgiftbalance page.

The most common Prepaidgiftbalance.com login problems are:

  • Mistyping of the 16 digit card number: Enter the card number from the front of the card, and NOT the 30-digit barcode nummber on the back of the card. Enter the number without and dashes or spaces.
  • The card has expired. The Prepaidgiftbalance cards expire on the last day of the month and year that is printed on the front of the card. When buying a Prepaidgiftbalance card, always check the expirey date first.
  • If you still cannot log in, call the number on the back of the card, or visit www.prepaidgiftbalance.com/kroger-gift-card-misprint to begin the complaint process.

The Prepaidgiftbalance.com Website is not working.

If the www.prepaidgiftbalance.com website is not working for you, do the following:

  • Check if the website is loading in other locations, on Geopeeker.com or Isitdownrightnow.com.
  • Be aware, that the www.prepaidgiftbalance.com website is blocked from visitors, who are abroad.
  • Check the www.prepaidgiftbalance.com website from another device, like a mobile phone or laptop, and make sure your internet connection is working.
  • Make sure that you enter the version with WWW in your browser. Https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.com will work, while https://prepaidgiftbalance.com will not work.
  • Check for common misspellings of www.prepaidgiftbalance.com, such as www.prepaidgiftbalance.con, www.prepaidgiftcardbalance.con, www.prepaidgiftcardbalance.com and www.prepaidcardbalance.com.
  • The website is sometimes slow to load. Wait until a less busy time to access www.prepaidgiftbalance.com.


204 thoughts on “www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login, Balance Check and Activation

  1. My visa debit gift card has been declined several times with T J MAXX on line shopping, I have money on the card and it keep asking me for my name, it’s not a name for the card, help

  2. If you try to buy anything online, this company will steal your money. If you have purchased one of these cards for someone, let them know that they can use it at a gas station or something but otherwise it’s garbage

  3. not appliable upon review and consideration of said documents read in compliance, completely by legal team and authorization required:

  4. I got 4 gift cards from a friend with out a proof of purchase receipt for any of them they were suppose to be gifts for my kids birthdays and my belated birthday present as how can I get replacement cards with out a recipt

  5. I filled out all the requested info on the log in page, and when i hit next, it just doesn’t do anything. It asks you to enter so many numbers.
    Do you guys make this difficult on purpose?

  6. Obviously the Prepaidgiftbalance.com website is designed this way to make it impossible to retrieve your money. Total scam!

  7. Received a $200.00 gift card for a Christmas gift. Decided to use it 2 years later ( it expires in 2028). Unable to check balance as it states the 3 digit security code on back of card is invalid. Called customer service and was informed balance was 0 but could not give me any activity documented in the last 2 years. Gave me another number to call. The run around begins.

  8. Can’t register the card. It is a scam and waste of money. They should be reported to Better Business Bureau.

  9. What do I do I bought my card like I do every time except this time I can’t log in to the website and can’t even register my card how do I use it if I don’t know the zip code what do I do

  10. Having no luck registering my prepaid visa gift card I put the # & the expiration date & & the cvc security 3 did get # but it keeps saying the security is invalid

  11. i work all day in circles to try to get pin number do they want you to give up i am not isay i dont want anymore

  12. Same issue with mine. 50 dollars, can’t call in or look up online. The 3 digits don’t match. So what am I supposed to do in order to get this money back?

  13. I have a $ 100 useless card, kroger says they can’t do anything call the number, when i do it hangs up, this should be criminal

  14. I bought my visa card on November the 22nd of 2022 I want to go activate it on cyber Monday which is 11/25/2022 by time I want to open it up to activated for online shopping the card was already used and registered and to somebody else’s name I’ve been talking with Visa gift card since December the 2nd To try to get the stuff situated I’ve sent them to the front of my card the back of my card I sent them my photo ID and the copy of the receipt off my app because nobody keeps the gift card receipt so I went to the store got my original receipt I even got the receipt of my app I got the receipt from the main headquarters from krogers I still have not received my money back from the card that was stolen and registered to somebody else If anybody knows what to do because now they’re saying that I have to bring fax and I’ve been talking to them on December the 27th from all the way from December 27th on December the 2th December the 10nd and I just sent them all of my information again on January the 6th of 2023 if anybody knows what to do because right now I’m getting the run around now I have to send every single last paper that I just sent them on the 6th I have to send it to them again because they have not downloaded the information or they do not see The information that I just sent them on the 6th with the activation of everything that I just explained to you so if you know what to do or how to get around the run around of trying to get my money back I spent showing that I have 3 different proofs of receipt of my card that I paid for that’ll be great oh did mentioned the front of the card doesn’t match the bar code yeah that’s what I’m also getting But the portages matches the cord so if anybody please anybody has any information that great

  15. This service is not a service it is a repetitive and monotonous process.I spoke with three different customer service ( what a joke ) representatives whom none of them in a call center environment ( if that ) advised me upon asking to register by phone that they cannot . Each one of them repeated the same scripted line about going to the prompter by pressing six to register by phone and it again is a protocol nightmare and disaster . Which means no one cares if you cannot make purchases online or make payments if you owe any debt. The web developer(s) or IT technicians need to. seriously look into this dilemma for it is no longer an issue. These customer service agents when asked to escalate a call to a team lead ,supervisor or manager all stated that due to high call volume “none” were available. I stated how is that possible in a call center or offsite management environment and each one interjected that option three is pressing 6. To no avail. If VISA wants to be a company that has a stellar reputation they need to get this dilemma resolved . I plan to back to KROGERS to get my money back and purchase a better prepaid card not associated with prepaid gift balance.com. Their website is a fraud and consumers should be forewarned at the KROGER stores throughout the various states along with it subsidiaries that if this card is purchased you may not be able to register online or by “customer service” to purchase online or make payments online or use the cards at restaurants or gas stations because there is not information a consumer can register their name or address or other pertinent information for merchants or vendors to accept and the card will be declined for payment activities even though it is loaded with funds .

  16. I was able to register one of the 2 $100.00 gift cards given to my grandson at Christmas. I couldn’t do it through the website (prepaidgiftbalance.com) because it didn’t exist (but there were lots of complaints on the browser menu) so I called the number on the back of the card. The woman who helped me was able to get me to someone (automated?) who registered the card. I had to register the second card. My helper had given me the phone number to call for the second card. The first guy said they were unable to register the card on the phone. (10 minutes before, the first card had been registered on the phone). I tried calling again. I was connected to a support person who’s name was “Rhodora”?. I’m A Speech-Language Pathologist…but I could not understand most of what she was saying. She spoke VERY quickly, and I had to ask her to repeat and slow down many, many times. I suggested that she Google a program called “Accents Way” online. It is an excellent resource for accent reduction. It’s FREE, and well organized and presented. I hope she takes my advice. She must have been very frustrated. I surely was. If I were you, I would require her to address this issue. On top of all of that, I was told, again, that I could not register my card via phone. She said that I would have to FAX a government ID, Picture of the front and back of the card, my phone number, the card number (can’t see it in the photo?) and my name and address. I asked to end the call. I will try again to see if you have fixed your website, but I’m not hopeful. I know that my grandsons could use the card in person, but both are college students, live on campus and don’t have cars. Online use is necessary. This happened to me several years ago with cards I bought at Harris Teeter in Wilmington, NC and gave to my sister who also needed to use it online. We ended up getting her new cards (Amazon–they worked right away) and we used the card money at Harris Teeter.

  17. unable to open site to login. It says “access denied”. I am travelling to US this week and would like to use this card. Help!!

  18. Prepaidgiftbalance.com this website does not work, and the people at customer service don’t know how to register a card all they do is say go to the website.

  19. Got 9 gift cards for Christmas gift and so far the one I got back does work. Went to krogers where I got it and they said I probably lost the 100 bucks on the card and there is nothing they can do for me. WTH. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Give me my 100 bucks back.

  20. This card stinks. I spent an hour on the phone and used up my phone minutes. They said the card number was wrong and sent me another one. And charged me 6.oo dollars to do it. Now the new one doesn’t.nt work either. I will never buy a prepaid visa or any card at Kroger. Thanks for messing up Christmas


  22. Good afternoon,

    Disregard my previous inquiry about not being able to login into the webpage. Apparently if you are outside the US and try to access the webpage or your account from your PC or your Mobile phone it does not work. This is true for online purchases which ONLY works for US based online companies.
    I resolved my issue and the gift cards works perfectly.

  23. My co-workers all went in to give me a $450 going away gift. When I went to use the gift card, it was declined for code 12, then code 75. When I called, it seemed to have been answered by someone in India with a very strong accent who asked me to speak up. Then, he proceeded to ask me all kinds of personal information, like name, phone number, birthdate, etc. None of that was associated with my giftcard. I finally hung up. The website is as other have said, useless. Am I really all scammed out of my co-workers hard earned money?

  24. I have a $50 gift card that is not working. How do I activate it and get it working? I’ve click all over this page and it’s not taking me anywhere I can activate this card.

  25. I bought cards $ 100.00 each. 3 of the cards have been used by someone not me. I call to report the cards have been used by someone. The lady took information for 1 card then hung up on me. I tried the website and now none of my cards show. This company is a ripe off. I will never buy any more cards

  26. Second time I have bought one of these cards. Won’t make this mistake again. Not accepted,bank error. Can’t get my cash back now so I’ve blown cash and time and irritated a friend as it was a gift. Couldn’t be used!

  27. Called in for support because the gift that I received wasn’t going through. The individual wanted the receipt and proof of my ID and address. After speaking to them they hung up on me. I tried to explain the issue and they kept talking over me. When I finally chatted with the manager “Jamie” on Oct 16 she hung up on me. This was the second gift card I had the first went through fine.

  28. Same issues! My balance was $100, I spent $15ish and now it’s 0! Everytime I try to check transactions, it acts like I don’t have a card at all! This is a scam!! I’ve also been trying to make payments on a cruise for weeks! My hair is starting to fall out over the stress of dealing with these gift cards! I have over $1000 in them!

  29. I got this card from the store I put $70 on it and activated it but still can’t purchase anything using the card. Tried calling cards help number and the call dosent go through like it’s a discontinued number.

  30. Tried to use my card, it stated first time debit is last 4 numbers of card. At store I kept getting “invalid pin,” couldn’t use card.

  31. I want to use my gift card on line but I can’t even login. This is not NOT an user friendly website. Please work on better access. Or we won’t purchase your cards. Thank you

  32. I bought a gift card at Kroger’s today 8/25/22 and can not get it registared to use it on line. I will not take a no when I return it tomorrow. So tell your people that they should start calling the stores to be ready for a flood of people returning their cards.

  33. I will not purchase a card again. This was a gift to a co-worker TWO MONTHS AGO, and it still isn’t working. I have tried calling the number on the back and just keep getting the run-a-round. They tell me to fax the front/back of the card and a copy of the receipt. Fine, I did that. Now they want me to send a copy of my drivers license – not a chance. There is NO WAY I’m sending a copy of my ID to a company I already don’t trust.
    Now I’m out $150 and can’t use the card! This will definitely be shared with the BBB and I’ll let Kroger know to no longer sell these.
    Terrible. Terrible customer service.

  34. My granddaughter received a visa card as a birthday gift. She wanted to buy school items to no avail. The card will not register. We tried everything. I’m so disappointed with this company.

  35. This is absolutely ridiculous!! I have 4 cards that i can’t use or register, nor am I able to check the balance….this is over $500 that I can’t use or access!! IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT…FIGURE IT OUT….WHY IS THIS THE ONLY CARD/SERVICE THAT IS SO COMPLICATED!!!!

  36. Bought my card from Kroger/Smith’s June 2022, I made sure it was sealed and not have been resealed or anything else you literally have to pull off something in order to get to the barcode to ring it up. Fast forward end of July I go to register it it won’t register. I called customer service over and over because it’s hard to get in high Call Valium and then it cuts you off. Finally after over and over I got into somebody and she tells me that my car has been put on hold because of security reasons and I asked her when this was and she said January of last year which would’ve been 2021. There’s supposedly sending me a new one that will take 7 to 14 days, I asked them if there is a way to rush it because this is urgent and they said no. I asked them if they could take my email down and give me a written confirmation that I was getting their replacement she said no. Then she proceeded to say that if I don’t get a replacement after 14 days I can call them back. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  37. Seems like a trend for a person to buy a gift card and not be able to use it. I have been trying to access these funds on this gift card for multiple days. It should never take this long. Especially being I bought the card with actual cash. I have called the number a million times let alone tried logging into the app. Then it automatically hangs up after 3 dials. What are the solutions you all have to solve for this ? Ignoring customers isn’t going to solve anything. Let alone continuing to have the same issue over and over again it’s clearly not the customers. I would highly appreciate it if I can gain access to my funds after so long or be issued a refund. This is extremely disrespectful and inconsiderate to your customers. I hope you all solve this issue soon. Cause if you don’t have the money then why sell the gift cards ? lol

  38. This is a sham!! I’ve put 500.00$ on this visa card and all I get is the Run around! They won’t let me set up my PIN, they won’t let me register it, and every time I call they say to call back tomorrow! I don’t want to call back tomorrow! Want to use my own money I put on this debit card!!!!

  39. i cannot access the www prepaidgiftbalance.com/login site. we get an error message each time. plus when we call we get an automated message that says due to high call volume you are not able to take my call and to call back later or access the full service web site. The web site does not work either. An error occurred while processing your request; reference #97b4f354b8.1658160803.1570.d3a1. maybe your IT group can check it.

  40. I registered this card over the phone. I will not be giving this card as a gift. It still says it is not registered to use.

  41. I have tried to register a gift card I received for my birthday (200.00) several times, following the instructions and it will not work. Why is it so impossible, why should I have to jump through hoops to get my card to work.

  42. I am trying to determine the balance on my Visa gift card. When I put in the 16 digit card number it is not accepted. The sticker on the front indicates that the card is ACTIVE, however, I do not know how much $ the card has on it. How can I remedy this problem as I need to know the Card Balance. Furthermore, when I go to the card balance page and put in the number it doesn’t work.

  43. It says right on the card Funds Don’t expire. What a lie! I just checked the balance it has $1.
    It’s supposed to have $25
    All because it wasn’t used the day it was purchased. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  44. i have a card and cannot get the balance it is valid thru 20.25. TRIED CONTACTING WITH THE NUMBER AND THE LADY SAYS THAT I HAVE TO UPDATE INFORMATION. WHERE CAN I UPDATE?

  45. I have had the same problem. Life’s next adventure. 1 card show invalid after being registered and verified by the 1 888number. 2 others went invalid with money left on them.
    Have now wasted time and money. Won’t buy them again.

  46. Do not buy this card, I was on vacation and put my last $200 on this card and sure enough there was no money on it. Website won’t let you do anything but give you a run-a-round. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can legally sell a fraudulent card without any kind of action being taken to stop it. I called and got put on hold for an hour just to be disconnected. So I get up at 1 am to call and get someone on the phone, sure enough it’s still fraudulent. They proceeded to tell me that the card was fraud detected in Jan, how when I just bought it 3 days ago and it’s June. So they are supposed to be sending me a card in the mail, however they would not give me an confirmation number or no supervisor. So more than likely I’ll never get my money.

  47. I got the card as a gift and when I opened it and registered it said the balance was one dollar and had several charges in California. I live in Virginia. I called the number and the only thing I could understand the customer service agent says was I had to dispute the charges online and I can’t find anywhere to do that.

    1. To file a dispute report, fill out the form on the dispute page at www prepaidgiftbalance com/kroger-gift-card-misprint. You will need to fill in the card details, and upload a copy or photo of your ID. You can read more about the process at https://www.prepaidgiftbalance.mobi under the ‘My Prepaidgiftbalance Prepaid Card is not Working” section.

  48. It’s now June 2022 and it seems impossible to use their online site to register or check your balance of your card. I guess you could call them but I’m affraid that the person on the other line with that strong foreign accent may missspell your name or your address which will result in not matching the info you give to your vendor and be automatically rejected

    1. I call on 07/14/2022 and report that someone use my card and I was told to called back today. So I did…but my money is not back in my card. But I was told to call back again in 3 more days…also I’m trying to login but I can’t. Why. I told you my name and where I live..you put that in the computer.

    2. Register on phone number on back of card it’s easier and they will send u a link I read all these comments and was like oh my I’ve bought this 300$ card and not gonna be able use it online or pay bills but I got registered in 10 mins tops listen for the prombts after the change ur pin option good luck to everyone!!

    3. I tried to register mine and it won’t work. Finally was able to speak to someone. My money is gone and they can’t explain how someone else was able to register my card in their name and spend it.

  49. I have a $50 card that I can’t use for ANYTHING. The card is registered, but it continues to say that it’s been declined. It’s a waste of fifty bucks if I can’t use it

  50. What’s going on with your prepaid cards? Bought it yesterday (10/29) at King Soopers. tried to use it today (10/30), wasn’t approved!!! Tried going onto your website (listed on back of card) and it won’t let me check the balance either as a returning or a 1st timer.
    I’m out $100 + $6 for activation fee – get it together.

  51. I purchased a $100 dollar card. I bought to cheap items. Then I use it at a gas pump. After that gas purchase. It stated my card had zero balance. I had at least $81 left. What kind of scam is this. I called the number on back of card. The man told me I would get the money posted back. Nothing at all has been done.

  52. Totally frustrated trying to register on web. Why can’t it be a simple process like activating a new credit card. This sucks. Angry.

  53. I have a mastercard with your company on it, where do I register or log in. I dont want any problems, I work for the people who handle bad situations with these types of cards so please have some email me the answer so I can use this card. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. There is another site with you name but looks suspisous.

  54. I have a gift card that I cannot use as when I do I get denied. This card is registered and has the full balance on it. When I call to resolve, I can never get a Human.
    Need help to resolve this issue.

  55. I am like all the rest of these people on here either wanting to get my gift card balance or register my cards…. and CAN’T because your site is ALWAYS DOWN!!! SERIOUSLY?? What kind of company doesn’t monitor their own gift card balance site for errors such as these to get it up and running professionally like they should??? Kroger does apparently!!! I’m going to report you to the BBB and the Attorney General’s office as well.

  56. What a scam . I received a $100.00 gift card from a friend. Each time I attempt to login I receive the “Website Maintenance” page. So far I cannot login and of course am unable to check my balance. If I ever give a gift card it will NOT be one of these cards.

  57. From all other responses, souds like this is a ripoff. The bad part is no one responds from the company to give any satisfaction. Trying to register is a joke. BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!!

  58. I called the number for help . You registered 2 cards for me yesterday. they are still being declined I am still being declined for use. You either need to hire more help or quit selling your prepaid visas. That is false advertising both selling the card and leading people on in thinking if you have problems their is help.

  59. I was able to register my card and have made multiple in store and online purchases with it. The only problem is: I’m not sure how much I have left on the card and I have tried to check my balance on the website, but it won’t let me login.

  60. And look we even have to wait to see if our comments will get posted. Want my money back,WANT MY MONEY BACK, WANT MY MONEY BACK,WANT MY MONEY BACK,WANT MY MONEY BACK

  61. Not even the correct phone number on the card. This is 100% pure fraud everyone should file fraud charges on US Bank.

    1. Call number on back of your card listen for prompts to register your card simpler and less headache then trying online good luck!!

  62. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE using this site to check the balance on gift cards because it works only once. And doesn’t work AT ALL EVER AGAIN. After that, I have to use the automated system to check the balance.Even using that.is a pain in the ass to use. If you misdial you have to start all over again. I give up do something else and go back to it again later

  63. It should be easy to use this gift card. I will let my family and friends not to get this gift card again. Too complicated to register.

  64. Nobody to talk to for customer service. I’ve been trying to register for over a hour and then I can’t use card keep saying declined smh

  65. These cards are a scam. 🙁 The site rarely works and the cards ALWAYS get declined. I’m reporting this to the BBB and more.

  66. What is going on? I ordered items on line with a $50.00 gift card. Now I get a message that says part of my payment was declined. I need an answer immediately as this was a gift to someone. I am not a happy camper.

  67. I have a 100 dollar card. Ive registered it. I was able to make a 4 dollar purchase on wish but now I can’t use it on ANYTHING. I need to use it online and its worthless. Fix this

  68. I have tried to register this $50 card and it just doesn’t work. I’m going to try and transfer it to another app or I will just call. But help please.

  69. am trying to find the page for new customers, etc. Please show tell me or show me where the first time login page so that I can register my card online! and then check the balance on my card!

  70. Message I have 65.00 on total on two gift cards.. They both have expired and unlike other cards I purchased, yours is not giving me the option to get two other cards for the balance.. the recording gave me no option to do either!! What a RIP OFF!!!

  71. the card has been rejected 3 times by 3 different merchants! this card is very difficult to use!
    I would never purchase another or give as a gift!
    Debbie L

  72. Message I am trying to register my new card for online purchases…..how do I get started? Please show me where the first time login page is so I can get started.

  73. I am trying to register a gift card, but the message is “Oops, something went wrong. Try again. I have tried again four times and get the same result. I tried to call the customer service number. I spent a lot of time on hold with no results. From earlier comments, this seems to be an on-going problem. HELP!!

  74. You can call the number on the back of your card for balances and to register your card. I don’t understand why you need an address to register it though. I advised the person that the website does not work and she seemed to simply not care.

    Will suggest no one purchase these cards in the future.

  75. MeI am trying to find the page for new customers, etc. Please show tell me or show me where the first time login page so that I can register my card online! and then check the balance on my card!

  76. The maker of this card are thieves. Its was activated for my daughter as a gift. She was saving her cards until she got $200. Well when she got ready to use it the paid amount of $50 dollars in the card was gone. I WILL PASS THIS ON TO EVEYTHAT I KNOW NOT TO PURCHASE A VARD FROM THESE GUYS.

  77. Message
    I tried for 3 days to change my pin. They keep asking me for my 16 digit number then they send me to an automated area so then I could change my PIN and it sends me back to an operator that sends me back to an automatic system that does not work getting very frustrated for three days now nobody knows how to help me.

    1. i had the same problem what to they want you to do give up i am not just say i dont want any more visa card

  78. I have tried to register my Visa prepaid gift card for online purchases multiple times. Every time we try to register the gift cards for online purchases the site says it cannot process the information and asks you to call the number on the gift card. I have tried to call the number. I even had the family member who gave me the gift card call the number. And each time the call was dropped!
    Multiple people have commented about this issue and it has yet to be fixed. 
    This isn’t the only problem that I, and others have had with the prepaid gift cards.
    This is completely ridiculous!

  79. Call the number on the back of the card and speak to a CSR to get registered. You must first provide the account number and 3-digit code on the back of the card.

  80. These cards are a scam
    Can’t access the money so they keep it!
    Have to give all this info just to redeem $25..
    So stupid!!!!

  81. Same comments over and over! I did get to a person to register but I kept up with my spending and I know I had more on my balance and this crap of a website doesn’t have a true log in step! This is ridiculous!!!

    1. I am a Senior and I have tried 4x to register my 50 card for my Birthday
      I feel like this is a scam every one was rude and no help I will report to better business to look in to why they stole my money. It declines but my balance
      Is still 50 dollars.

  82. Message This is the absolute worst app I have ever tried to use. I have tried to activate this card 50 times! Every time I type in the account number I get a recording that says “the account number must be 16 numbers…….I typed in 16 numbers every time….doesn’t work!!! Fix it!!!

  83. Me ha sido imposible registrar mi tarjeta par a hacer mis compras en línea, exigí una solución. En vía teléfonica me cuelgan

  84. I tried to use my card today at Walmart and it asked me to put in a pin. There was no option to enter a pin when I registered my card. So now what?? I seemingly can’t use my card without the pin.

  85. I’ve tried numerous times to activate my card and have tried numerous ways, I don’t have a 4 digit pin so that hoses me with the phone system. This is bad and I’ll definitely warn everyone against this particular card until the website and call center issues are fixed.

  86. Yep it has become impossible to register a gift card or check my balance. The Prepaidgiftbalance.com site don’t work anymore , i don’t know why they responsible can’t fix this!

  87. Why does the Prepaidgiftbalance.com website give you such a run around? It ask you to enter the information and then want give you any information on the card. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail.

    1. I bought a prepaid 100 dollar card. I activated it like last month and it said I had $10 now I have 3. I’ve never even used this card. So what? Am I outta $100. I have everything but my receipt

  88. Why cant I tell if my card is ready to go. Why is this so hard to do. Wow, for all i know I have given someone else all the info on my card, and I dont like that.

  89. Message why is this so difficult! I put in the captcha like 25 times exactly the way it was shown and all it did was completely freeze the page and now I cannot make any online purchases with the gift card this is ridiculous!!!!

  90. The link for login page does not work. I tried calling the number on the card and put my card # in and waited 35 minutes before I finally hung up. What it going on I need to activate my card for an online purchase.

      1. I called the back of the card number I push the button for them to send me a text message to show my transaction log and it would never go through and I know I didn’t spend $200 because I write down everything I spent and I’m not even close to a hundred bucks so where the hell did my money go

  91. I am trying to register my card to make an online purchase, but no luck. I don’t even see a login window to put my card #. Need assistance.

  92. The system is not accepting my card number, I keep getting a message about updating my browser…the phone number on the back of the card just rings busy, mo automated answer.

    1. I can’t log in or register to check on my balance, this is sorry.
      I’ve even called and was on hold then it hung up on me! What a waste of my time! This is a scam gift card!!!!!

    2. This is the most difficult card to use it, so ridiculous. I supposed to enjoy my gift, but so much for that. I won’t never buy a card like this. No good at all. When you call to know your balance, it direct you to a hot dirty line. I had enough of this.

  93. This is ridiculous that i have typed in the info 30 times and it won’t log in. They have 4 complaints already on this page and haven’t fixed it. Figure it out.


  94. I want to register my gift card and connect it to my name so I can use it correctly. We in heaven’s name can’t I do that anymore?

    1. Estas targetas son un fraude tengo dos tarjetas que me regalaron en mi trabsjo mi patron y no las e podido usar porque segun ellos se intento usar barias veses y se bloqueo cusndo no las e utilisado mas que para intentar activar 😩😩

      1. Wrong. It doesn’t work and people are missing there bills because you guys can’t figure it out. I registered my card on he phone seeing how the website does not work at all. Then i was told i registered only to be told a lie. I can’t use my card online at all.

        1. I got a 300$ gift card from work and registered it on here and now someone has taken my money from the card and paid through PayPal too Lululemon seems like a scam by the other comments on here

      2. I tried to register mine and it won’t work. Finally was able to speak to someone. My money is gone and they can’t explain how someone else was able to register my card in their name and spend it.

      1. I have bought Visa and MC from Kroger for the pass 5 years and all I had to do was swipe at the store and began using it. That longer works and when you also call it rings once and cut you off. I have quit buying these cards bcuz I have lost money.

    1. I get moving around in circles just trying to register or check my balance so I’m only able to find out by using my phone. I can’t use my phone since it fell so i need a way to check online and I just get a runaround on here. Once i get the card online I’m purchasing a new phone but it’s a pain right now.

    1. I can not use this card my sister got me at Kroger. She. Put 75.00 dollars on this card and the 3 digit number on the back they said it doesn’t match the card number on the front

  95. I had a $50.00 gift card that is registered. I got a new $100.00 gift card that needs to be registered. I think I have done what I was told to do several time with no success. What do I do now?

    1. Message I have had the same problem as you all. I had a debt to pay and counted on this Visa gift card to pay it. I have tried for 3 days to regestered it and it keeps telling me my card doesn’t exist. Now my debt is delinquent and I’m in trouble with the business, and I lost my item.Thanks allot Visa. Are you going to pay me for that. Your card stinks and I won’t buy another.

        1. I bought 3 cards and put a total of $1400 on them. I spent $188 and before I could make another purchase 15 min later it was all gone. They acted like it was my fault. The first 2 purchases off it came from Florida…which is where the card originated. COME ON MASTERCARD, these thefts are an inside job. Clean up your own back yard. 2 things you don’tess with: a man’s children and his money. Lucky there are laws that protect you from me and people like me you screwed.

        2. I had a similar problem. I purchased a $250. Gift card from Kroger and the card wouldn’t work. Every time I would go to use it, it declined my purchase. They sent me another card and the same thing happened. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and The Attorney General because this is Fraud the selling cards that doesn’t work.
          Terrible!!! Who can afford this!!!

      1. They are making duplicate cards. I bought a card tried to register it got the same message so I called the number on the back of the card and an Indian speaking woman told me someone in Georgia used my card a year ago then they refused to help me without photo id and copies of everything and on and on. Customer service woman even hung up on me. Good luck report to BBB

    2. I have nearly $300.00 on a Visa card that won’t go thru online
      I can see the correct balance
      888 number just sends you into an endless loop.
      Wonder how many just give up while they keel your money!!

    3. Hi I’ve called number on my prepaid Visa card by US Bank and it says invalid every time I try to register it it should not be invalid it should have money on it I’ve never used it just got it today

    4. Why do I have to register my card for. When it was so much easier before when we didn’t. I believe it is just to keep my money and draw the interest

    5. they are another scam business from INDIA folks, they scam Social Security people too, buy AMEX, they are from INDIA but AMEX is an old American company, these people are operating from New Delhi probably, report them to the OCC, and FTC

    6. My daughter bought 40$ card. I called and got it registered. But no where to use it.
      Is this a scam/fraud?
      Or do I go to a store that is kreluger to buy?

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