About Us

About Us.

PrepaidGiftBalance is a nationwide US based service that allows people with prepaid credit cards and gift cards to learn their balance and other information about their cards, including how to check their current balance, contact customer service, how to activate their cards and much more.

About PrepaidGiftBalance.mobi.

The site is a comprehensive prepaid card guide with articles on how to use gift cards and credit cards. For example informations about, where crads are accedpted, how you can ask for help in case of problems or report a lost or stolen gift card or credit card. Visitors can also learn how to view the latest transactions, as well as view the most important questions and answers about PrepaidGiftBalance cards and other cards.

If you have any suggestions, let us know and we will include them in one of our latest updates. If you would like to review our privacy policy and terms and conditions, please see the Privacy Policy page and  Terms of Services page.

Our History.

Owning a gift card or credit card opens up many opportunities to get products and service around the world. Just order the product and pay by credit card.

However, we realized that most new prepaid gift card and credit card owners do not know the limitations on their new cards and how to activate them or check their balances.

This is where our guides will help.

Credit cards can be expensive and before you become a credit card owner, you should learn how to use it. Credit card has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as debit cards and gift cards.

You can view your current account balance, pay bills online, view transaction history, view online statements, check your available credit card balance, and much more in your account.

We will help to guide your through all these experiences and problems. Search the website for a guide on your specific card.